About Us

Welcome to Christ Presbyterian Church. We are a bit unique--small enough to be personal, and large enough to make a difference. Here are a few of the many words that describe CPC:

  • Grace! CPC is a place for grace, where people in any and every stage of faith and life are welcome. Love, not fear, is how God invites us and how we invite others

  • Kids! We love our kids, other peoples’ kids, all kids. We bless our children as they bless us. We feed kids, tutor kids, shelter kids, mentor kids, encourage kids--we love kids!

  • Spiritually-deep, science -friendly, life-celebrating faith! Christ calls us to love God with our heart, soul, and mind in equal measure. We honor scientific truth for what it tells us about God’s universe and we seek wisdom for the journey of life in scripture, leading us to find God everywhere we look.

  • Welcome! We invite our neighbors to our Enchanted Block Party, the Living Nativity, our Community Garden, Vacation Bible eXperience, and the Summer Street Dance, as well as any of our church gatherings.

  • Mission! We sometimes do mission with our dollars, sometimes with our hands, but always with our hearts. Right here on campus, we host refugee families & people without homes, tutor kids, feed families, & welcome AA, Parkinson’s, and grief support.

  • Interfaith! We build bridges instead of walls with our Jewish and Muslim friends in Sister Faiths, welcome young adults from Israel / Palestine with Hands of Peace, and fellowship with the synagogue next door.

  • Hope!We live in challenging times, and it’s good to know that we do not walk the journey of faith alone. Here we find hope from the God who gives life, and hope in the form of a shoulder to lean on when the road gets tough.

Who We Are


Christ Presbyterian Church is a place where...

  • The truths of a 2000 year old faith address a 21st century world

  • Faith is not a one-time decision, but a lifelong journey

  • Theology is not rigidly applied but openly discovered

  • Questions are welcome as part of a faith that is real

  • Children are cherished and encouraged in faith and life

  • Prayer and care unite as we help each other along the way

  • People find friends and a spiritual family

  • We sometimes do mission with our dollars, sometimes with our hands, but always with our hearts.

If you'd like to learn more about Christ Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), explore our website.  Better yet, visit CPC on a Sunday morning. Feel free to contact one of our pastors with thoughts or questions; the door is always open for conversation!



In response to God’s love,
we seek to be a family of faith,
inviting others to join us as we

Discover a spiritual home in Jesus Christ,
Grow in faith and fellowship, and
Make a difference in the world for God.

We encourage our faith family to “Worship plus 2” as the way to a living and lively faith.

First we engage in worship as the energizing center of our lives, and then take on two other practices: one to grow in personal faith, and another to serve others with Christ’s love, here at CPC or beyond.

There are many different avenues to discover your spiritual home, grow in faith and fellowship, and make a difference at CPC. Explore our website to see what God might have in store for you!

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Christ Presbyterian Church first began worship services in 1979 at the La Costa Resort Theater. CPC officially chartered in March, 1980 with about 100 members and pastor George DeWeese. The church immediately established a preschool which was much-needed in the new community and drew young families to the church.

In 1985, CPC moved to its current campus with two buildings, a fellowship hall and a preschool building. A second Sunday morning worship service was added in 1994, and In 1997 built the DeWeese Education Building.

As the La Costa area grew into the new century, so did CPC with expanded youth and children’s ministries, hands-on mission projects, and a variety of connecting groups for fellowship and spiritual growth.

We Believe

We’re a community of Christian believers, followers of Jesus Christ.

  • God creates and redeems the universe and all of us in love.

  • In Christ, God offers new life and hope to the world.

  • By the Spirit, God gives us to one another for faithful and fruitful living.


We’re a part of the church universal. With all Christians, we:

  • Participate in the one Body of Jesus Christ, the family of God, the church;

  • Understand the Old and New Testaments as God’s Word to us, by the Holy Spirit;

  • Believe God has come among us in Jesus Christ;

  • Affirm God’s three-in-one mystery: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Trinity.


We were birthed in the Protestant Reformation of the Church.

  • The grace of God sustains us.

  • Faith in God is a gift offered to us.

  • The Scriptures from God center us, guiding our daily living.


And, we’re part of the Presbyterian and Reformed expression of the church.

  • God is sovereign: in life and in death, we belong to God.

  • God chooses us, before we choose God, to receive redemption and hope, and to serve the world making God’s vision real. God makes a covenant with us, and we in turn covenant with Christ and with each other to be the church, God’s glad and faithful people.

  • Our stewardship reflects modesty about our possessions and generosity in our sharing time, talent, and treasure.

  • We are governed by a council of elders elected by the people, called the session, and part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) pcusa.org

  • Together we work together for God’s justice in the world, all in service of the God who gives us life in the beginning, and to whom our lives return at the last.


A simple but comprehensive statement of Christian faith in the Presbyterian tradition can be found in A Brief Statement of Faith

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