You’re looking for a church where you can discuss faith, family, or football in a casual setting over a good cup of coffee.

You’re tired of simple answers to the difficult questions.

You like the idea of building bridges between different religions instead of walls.

You’re looking for a community where not everyone thinks, votes, or believes exactly the same way.

You like a little laughter in church, because in it you hear an echo of the moment of creation when all the stars sang together and all the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy (Job 38).

You’ll be glad to discover that when times are tough and “80% of life is just showing up,” we’re there for each other.

You know there has to be a way to put a vigorous scientific world view together with a robust faith in God.

You’re ready to make a difference in North County – and beyond.

You’re looking for a church that likes kids – our own kids, each other’s kids, and kids who don’t belong to any of us – all kids!

You’ve reached a point in your life where you’re interested in going to church despite the fact that it will thrill your parents.

You’d like a contemporary worship service that incorporates some of the ancient elements of worshiping the living God – or a traditional service in an atmosphere of reverent informality.

You’ve had a difficult week. We might be able to help. (Next week, you may be the one doing the helping.)

You’ll like being part of a movement to heal the world that’s been around for a couple thousand years.

We will be a different place if you come, and we like that idea.

You’re hungry to meet God.